These are a few of my favourite Podcasts

Covid Has Truly Shown Us Things!

One of these for me is the seemingly inexhaustible supply of informative, entertaining, and uplifting podcasts that’s out there.

The podcast, IMHO, is god’s gift to the multitaskers of this world… I often listen while driving, walking, cooking, sewing, chilling, whatever. Plus, unlike a watching a video or scrolling through twitter, listening to a podcast is not antisocial, and can be enjoyed with other people.

Here are a few podcasts I’ve enjoyed during the Pandemic! Krista Tippet’s OnBeing is my all-time favourite channel, so many on the list are from there.

I’ll update this list periodically as a handy reference for myself and hopefully others who share my taste in podcasts—nature, farming, environmental sustainability, spiritual wellbeing, science, music, poetry, art, and the historical context of the societal messes we find ourselves in…incl. the cancer of racism and anti-Blackness whose time is now UP!

Ok – here goes…

  1. Michael McCarthy: Nature, Joy, and Human Becoming
  2. Isabel Wilkerson: This History is Long; This History Is Deep
  3. Resmaa Menakem: Notice the Rage; Notice the Silence
  4. Ocean Vuong:A Life Worthy of Our Breath
  5. Craig Minowa & Cloud Cult:Music As Medicine
  6. Ross Gay:Tending Joy and Practicing Delight
  7. Nicholas Carr:On deep reading and digital thinking (on The Ezra Klein Show)
  8. The fertiliser that blew up Beirut. A little-known chemical that changed the world. (BBC Food Chain)
  9. How the World Changed Music. Mbube – The Lion (BBC)
  10. Celebrated US chef Gabrielle Hamilton:Losing your business to the pandemic.
  11. Roger Cohen: A Bit of Relief: I Forgive You, New York
    NYT Columnist Roger Cohen’s ode to the city.

Please comment with your fave podcasts/channels!!!

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