Is that hot shower deforestation-free?

Photo taken on 2 December 2012 at a Forest Day 6 event at the UNFCCC COP18. Photo/ICRAF
Doug Boucher discussed global deforestation trends on Forest Day 6

At a Forest Day 6 discussion forum, ecologist Doug Boucher spoke about the three D’s that characterize the face of deforestation today: Drivers, Different and Dynamic.

“Drivers vary in important ways among and within countries,” said Boucher, who leads the Climate Research and Analysis unit of the Union of Concerned Scientists. His message reinforced the one delivered by the session’s keynote speaker, Heru Prasetyo, who shared the complexities associated with unraveling the drivers of deforestation in Indonesia.

Boucher explained that those complexities proliferate when country-specific drivers are viewed from a global lens. “Drivers vary depending on the continent you’re on and, often, the country you’re in,” he said. Read more. . .

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