International Women’s Day 2014 FOREST HEROINE: Catharine Watson

Cathy Watson, ICRAF Head of Program Development, in Burkina Faso. Photo by Claude Nankam

By Joseph Otim

In 1990, Uganda’s natural forests and woodlands covered an estimated 4.9 million hectares (ha), representing 24 percent of total land area, according to the country’s National Forest Plan. By 2005, this area had been reduced to just over 3.6 million ha or 18 percent of the land area — a loss of 27 percent in just 15 years.

In the face of this worrying trend, Uganda got much-needed help from passionate people like Catharine Watson, head of program development at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), to help stem the tide of forest loss in the country.Read more. . .

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