Children’s orchestra plays Cohen’s Hallelujah

I had the great good fortune to be part of the audience at the culmination of an Orchestral Weekend at St Andrew’s Turi in Molo, Kenya, mid January.

Here are the kids—all 13 or younger—performing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, conducted by the amazing Julia Luvai.

Children's orchestra- Kenya
Children’s orchestra- Kenya



And the master himself?

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  1. Dear Daisy it is such a shame that I am only seeing this post now – 3 years later!

    Thank you every so much for joining us!

    Since then we have had 2 more performances. The children are growing form strength to strength musically.

    Dure to covid it couldn’t happen in 2020. We are hoping that we can go back to putting on this memorable experience for the children in the future!

    1. Julia! So glad you’ve seen this- and that you’re continuing to nurture the children’s musical journeys. Music – playing, listening, dancing – is helping so many people survive covid upheavals… Am I right =:-)?!!!
      Look forward to joining a performance when you restart. Love, #BeWell!

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